Introducing our newest brand to the family

Introducing our newest brand to the family

Posted by Lindsay Stephenson on


When we started The Penny Paper Co. in 2004, we had no idea the wild ride of fun we'd have over the following 20 years of designing and creating products that we adored. We've seen our designs on bedding and pillows and art in major retailers, we've collaborated with charities, designing fun products for them.

In 2022 we expanded to have our own retail store - Charlie Pickles, so we could keep the fun going in a retail space. 

Having a retail store made us that much more connected to what was missing in the retail world - and aware of what our retailers may love and need. Things that were as always, well designed, made well, and with the end user in mind. Things that are little bursts of happiness - because sometimes the best things come in small little packages.  The problem with the new products were that they just didn't fit under the Penny Paper Co. name. 

And so we started quietly a new little brand. Mini Bauble.

Mini Bauble fills the void of what we needed which were on trend accessories for people, in bright colourful colours like we obsess over, but also with the most beautiful packaging. Because it matters. 

Mini Bauble is available for our wholesale customers on Faire, but also here on The Penny Paper Co. 

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