About Us

Established in 2004, The Penny Paper Co. is a world class manufacturer of stationery and gift items, sold to retailers across North America.

Our designs are inspired by childhood joys, happy moments, family, and little simple pleasures.


The Penny Paper Co. started in 2004, when artist + designer Lindsay Stephenson packed up her desk job and left in search of a career that would fulfill her creatively, and allow her the freedom to spend time with family, to soak in the joys of life to be inspired. What happened was within a few months, The Penny Paper Co. was born.

Over the last 18 years, the small stationery studio that created personalized stationery for clients in Toronto, has grown and now is a leader in producing stationery and gifts, found in amazing retailers worldwide.

The Penny Paper Co. became to the trade only in January 2022, and broke their retail division off into a new brand - Charlie Pickles.


About Lindsay Stephenson

Lindsay Stephenson is a Canadian designer, artist and business woman that has product lines in retailers across North America. Over the last decade she has grown her business from a personalized stationery company, to a company that licences artwork, sells to world class companies is a keynote speaker on design.

Under the umbrella of Lindsay’s name are projects and product lines that Lindsay oversees. From stationery to bedding, wall art, photography and accessories, Lindsay’s work is known for being playful and on trend in colour and design. Lindsay and her work have been featured in numerous international publications such as Today’s Parent magazine, Pregnancy Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, on HGTV, and in newspapers such as The Globe and Mail, and The National Post. Lindsay oversees the growth of her creative endeavours in both product development and the licensing of her art.  

Lindsay lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband Aubrey and their son, Oscar.